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The Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence (PngCJE) was established in 2010 under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) entered into between the Chief Justice, Chief Magistrate and the Secretary for the Department of Justice and Attorney General. Its aim is for PngCJE to deliver structured training programs for Judges, Magistrates, Court officers and other officers of the Law and Justice Sector (LJS) agencies that play a part in the Court process.

Chief Justice and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PngCJE Sir Salamo Injia, Kt., GCL has been a strong proponent of judicial education locally and regionally and has provided leadership in this area. The PngCJE is headed by Executive Director Mr John Carey who reports to the Chief Justice and Chairman of the Board, Sir Salamo Injia, Kt., GCL and the Board of Directors. The PngCJE conducts and/or coordinates judicial education and training in Papua New Guinea and has three key objectives. They are:

1 Promoting judicial excellence

2 Promoting professional development and training; and

3. Fostering an awareness of judicial administration, developments in the law and social and community issues, are achieved.

The Board of PngCJE

The Hon. Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Kt, GCL (Chairman)

The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, KBE, CSM, OBE

The Hon. Justice John Alexander Logan, RFD                        

Chief Magistrate Ms Nellie Eliakim

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ms Dessie Magaru

Registrar Supreme and National Courts of PNG Mr Ian Augerea                            

Secretary, Dept. of Justice & Attorney Dr Lawrence Kalinoe                                   

Deputy Secretary, Dept. of Justice & Attorney General Ms Roselyn Gwaibo

Secretary NJSS Mr Jack Kariko, Secretary     

PNG Law Society President Dr Vergil Narokobi                                

UPNG Law School Professor Mange Matui               

Director of Legal Training Institute Mrs Pauline Mogish                                         

Board Secretary/Executive Director Mr John Carey, JP 

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Kt GCL

Chairman - PngCJE


Staff of PngCJE                  

John Careycrop                                                                                     Regina Sagu

John Carey, BSE, LLB(Hons), MBA                                                             Regina Sagu, LLB

Executive Director                                                                                          Acting Director 

IMG 8194crop                                                                                                        

Peter Michael                                                                                                  Arabella Owen

Program Officer - NJSS                                                                                    Acting Program Officer - LJS

Vali Kilacrop                                                                                       IMG 8192crop                                                                                                                           

Vali Kila                                                                                                            Jennifer Thomas

Acting Program Officer – MS                                                                             Administrative Officer

Ribama Oteve                                                         

Ribama Oteve